Getting Safely Through RetirEment

The retirement landscape is changing and unfortunately it isn’t for the better. Recent surveys show that death is no longer the biggest fear for most retirees. 68% of current retirees say their biggest fear is running out of money before they run out of retirement, and it’s proving to be a valid concern since over 50% of them will die broke. 

Will you be one of them? This webinar will help you identify the risks destroying retirement plans across America and provide you access to the resources and planning you will need to help keep yours from being one of them. 

You have spent decades of your life doing what you thought was the right thing for your retirement. This included contributing to your Social Security and adding as much money as you could afford to your traditional tax-deferred accounts like your IRA or 401(k). But unfortunately, by doing this you have created a retirement plan that is full of risk, which could cause you to run out of money before you run out of retirement. 
For many of you, your retirement will be the longest self-imposed period of unemployment you will have in your lifetime. It may last 10 years, it could last 20 years, or upwards to 30 or 40 years. Do you want to go into this phase of your life not knowing whether or not you will financially make it or not? I didn’t think so, which is why we created this webinar to help you answer this question. 

Dave Hall, CPA
Dave is a public speaker, webinar presenter, podcast host and father of eight. Dave graduated from Southern Utah University with a master’s degree in accounting in 1994. Since graduation, Dave has had a very rewarding career helping thousands of individuals just like you solve their financial problems. 

With a goal of helping even more people, Dave now spends his time and resources trying to solve the number one problem CPAs will face in retirement – over 50% of them will run out of money. His risk-based retirement plans are being used to change the retirement landscape for thousands of CPAs.    

Begin with This Life Changing Webinar! 
In this webinar you will learn 
Tip #1
Why the old paradigm of retirement planning no longer works
Tip #2
The top ten financial risks CPAs face in retirement
Tip #3
Strategies to help your retirement assets last as long as you do
Ask yourself:
What are you willing to do to ensure you have a safe and secure retirement? 
Begin the journey to a safe and secure retirement today!

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