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The Retirement Protection Package

Risk-Based Retirement Plan Bundle
- Traditional Plan
- Stress Tested Plan
- Risk-Based Plan
Detailed Social Security Analysis
Step-by-Step Roadmap
Implementation of & Consulting On Your Plan
Solutions for Each of the 10 Risks
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More than 50% of Americans are running out of money in retirement. BUT WHY? A lot has to do with their preparation for the risks that face them. We are proud to say with a Retirement Protection Package you can fortify your traditional plan and significantly decrease the chance of running out of money.


People Helped And Counting

We Are Not Your Small Time Advisor Firm. With Over 50 Years Of Combined Expertise And 175,000 People And Counting Served, We Are The Industry Experts On Retirement Risk Planning


Average Increase In Assets!

While We Cannot Guarantee A Specific Number For You, An In Depth Study Of Our Client's Plans Has Shown An Average Increase In Assets Of Over $1.49 Million!


Average Income Increase

We realize every person's retirement situation is different and that we cannot guarantee any specific numbers, but on average our clients have seen a projected retirement income increase of $390,000!

*We Will Improve On Your Retirement Plan Or Your Money Back*


What You Get In The Retirement Protection Package

The Risk-Based Retirement Plan Bundle!
You will get our three core plans to success: a traditional, stress tested, and risk-based retirement plan. With these 3 plans you can get a clear picture of the paths before you, and how you can strategize the pursuit for your best retirement.

Detailed Social Security Analysis
Determine what the correct Social Security claiming strategy is for you! Plus receive the best strategy to claim the $111,000* the average American misses out on because they claim at the wrong time.  

*This is an average number, your number may be different.

Step-by-Step Roadmap
It's not very helpful to just know your risks and have plans if it is all too complicated to understand. With this roadmap we will simplify it all for you on what your next best actions are to safeguard your retirement.

Implementation Of & Consulting On Your Plan
Not every risk can be combatted without licensed professionals. We will never force you to take a certain action, but we will accompany you along the way not only to help you understand all of the detailed analyses you will get, but we will also be there with you so you can implement any strategies that require a licensed professional if you so choose to pursue them.

Solutions for Each of the 10 Risks
Retirement Risk Advisors, it's in our name! Regardless of your situation we will give you the best solutions to each of the 10 risks you will face. After all, it's no help to know the 10 risks if you can't know the solutions!

RRA Insiders Secrets Newsletter, With Bonus Access to Social Networks and Events
We both know the world is constantly changing and it's our hope to keep you in the loop. You are family to us and we want you to know any updates as soon as possible!

What Would A Safer Retirement Bring You...

Today's economic problems are terrifying to say the least.

With more debt than the world has ever seen, a shrinking working class, and longer lasting retirements we know how scary the last leg of life can be.

But you...

You have learned the biggest risks there are, you have stared them in the face as you learned the details that nobody wants to talk about.

And you have an opportunity to diminish those risks, and find a happier, more peaceful, and secure retirement.

It just takes a Retirement Protection Package!

...And the biggest risks that face you go from being monsters in the closet to a rabbit in a cage.

They say when you face your fears and look them in the eyes your fears lose all their power over you.

And this, this is your moment you can look all of your fears for retirement risks straight in the eye and say, "I"M IN CONTROL OF MY FUTURE RETIREMENT!"

I don't know about you, but being able to say I'm in control of my destiny brings me A LOT of peace and freedom.

It's why I sought after all the knowledge to begin with. 

Additionally, it's why I'm sharing this opportunity with you. I want to empower you for your future.

You have lived a good life, heck you can probably say you lived an amazing life!

But it's not over yet, and there is no reason retirement can't be the greatest time of your life.

You have many memories still to make, and you have a legacy to leave.

I know looking towards my own retirement, I find peace and joy in the knowledge that however long I'll get I will have freedom financially and the ability to leave a legacy for those I care most about.

What about you?

If you could safeguard against even only a couple of risks, and extend your finances to at the very least make it 5 or 10 more years being able to live comfortably...

Would that not be worth it?

Or what if you could give yourself more financial freedom to visit more often or do more activities with your kids and grandkids?

Or what if you were actually able to leave a legacy or even more of a legacy to help those you care about be able to better navigate the hard economic and financial times ahead?

I ask again, wouldn't these be worth investing in protecting your retirement?

If you said yes to any of these...


And say YES! to a better future for you and your loved ones.

I am rooting for your future!



Other Advisors Won't Cut It!

"Retirement Risk Advisors has helped me in ways other professionals have failed to for decades. I have worked with several advisors and CFPs in my time, but none of them helped me successfully build safeguards against so many risks while also helping me to understand both why and how these risks would affect me."

-Pauline Johnson

Get The Retirement Protection Package!

"Dave never ceases to amaze; his courses are great and his practical application with his team is even better! I felt ok about my retirement before learning from him, but I’m glad I took the time to attend his webinars and work with his team as there were many risks I had not accounted for or properly planned for. I'm glad I got the Retirement Protection Package."

-Diane Schmootz

Don't Do It Yourself!

"For years I have been an advocate for doing your retirement planning yourself, but I never realized there were certain tools and vehicles that I could not use without the help of a licensed professional. I am very grateful for the education from Retirement Risk Advisors and for how professionally they helped me when I came to them to get help accessing those tools other financial advisors did not offer."

-Pablo Hernandez

Our Clients

GAIN $390,000!!

In Income &


In Assets On Average

When They Buy A Retirement Protection Program


Product Details & Pricing

When you get the retirement protection package before the event sale ends not only will you get all of this WITH the extra bonuses, but YOU WILL ALSO GET AN EXTRA $500 OFF!

Risk-Based Retirement Plan Bundle
- Traditional Plan
- Stress Tested Plan
- Risk-Based Plan
Detailed Social Security Analysis
Step-by-Step Roadmap
Implementation of Your Plan
Solutions for Each of the 10 Risks
RRA Insiders Secrets Newsletter, With Bonus Access to Social Networks and Events


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Your Price!

$4,995 Value

$1,500 Value
$1,000 Value
$1,000 Value
$5,000 Value




Our Promise
60 Day Money Back Guarantee

The 100% Money Back Guarantee. If We Don't Deliver Within The First 60 Days At Least One Of Our Promises To Increase Retirement Income, Improve Your Legacy, or Bring Greater Peace You Will Be Fully Refunded.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I already have a plan do I still need the Retirement Protection Package?
Yes! Our Retirement Protection Package builds on top of your existing plan. Don't have a plan? No worries, we put together plans for you too when you buy the Retirement Protection Package, so you can properly strategize for your retirement.
What if I'm not going to face certain risks?
Most of us won't face every risk, but it's guaranteed you will face a few. When you buy a Retirement Protection Package, we work with you to help you strategize against all of the risks the best you can with your resources so that you can retire with more confidence.
What if I don't think I'll live long?
Well, we hope you do live long, but yes, it is a reality some of us will not live as long as we hope to. In the case this happens to you, the Retirement Protection Package will help you leave an even greater legacy for family, friends, and/or important organizations to you.
What if I live too long?
In many cases, we can help extend your resources so that you will have guaranteed income for life, regardless of how long you live! However, we cannot promise that as everyone's retirement situation is different. In the cases we see that we cannot do that, we are still able to help extend their resources so that they will have a more stable retirement for longer than they would otherwise not working with us.
Is your program guaranteed to work?
The question really is, is anything besides death and taxes guaranteed? Haha, in all seriousness though, no we cannot give a guarantee that everything will work, just as everything else you have done already is not guaranteed to work. BUT, we can guarantee you it will increase your chances of success significantly.
Will I have to invest more in the stock market?
No, our goal is to lower your risk not raise it, and when nearing the years of retirement investing in the stock market for short term gains is Risky with a capital R. At no point with the Retirement Protection Package will you be required to invest in the stock market. But if you choose to do so on your own still, we won't stop you either. Ultimately, it's your retirement.
Can I just do this myself?
NO! We can't stress this enough, that to strategize the best you can for every risk you will not be able to do it by yourself. You will need the help of licensed professionals and access to our risk calculators.
What if I need to cancel?
We offer a 100% money back guarantee for 60 days if we fail to deliver at least one of our three promises, which is to increase your retirement income, improve your legacy, and bring you greater peace.
Is this for both my spouse and I or do we have to buy two separate packages?
It is for both of you. You do not need to, and it will not benefit you to buy two packages for both of you.
Can't my current advisor just do this for me?
No, they are not trained to, nor do they have all the resources to help protect you against all of the 10 risks. We have worked tirelessly with our team so that you can receive the best possible help in regards to all of the 10 risks.
How long does the process take?
On average our clients take 2-3 months to implement the bulk of any changes. Some changes may take a little longer, but you will have clear directives on those.
How long will you guys be involved?
When you buy the Retirement Protection Package, we provide you with 1 year of consultation and implementation help. At the end of that year, many of our clients find it beneficial to sign up as a Platinum Member to get continued guidance for their retirement.
What if I don't have a retirement plan yet?
That's ok! With the Retirement Protection Package, you will get the Risk-Based Retirement Plan Bundle that will provide you with three separate retirement plans (a traditional, a stress tested, and a risk-based plan) customized to your situation.
Can I still manage my own assets if I work with you?
Yes, you still have all autonomy to manage your own assets.
Will I have to live on less if I get a Retirement Protection Package?
No, we ask you what you want out of your retirement and do our best to help you craft a plan that will allow that while protecting against all of the risks the best we can. Often times we will even exceed expectations, allowing you a more comfortable lifestyle.

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